Motus Technology was invited to participate in the 2019 National "Creation Week" Exhibition

ReportTime:2019-06-21 14:45

The 5th National Creation Week of 2019 opened on June 13 in Hubei. Focusing on the theme of "gathering the vitality of creation, innovation and surging momentum for development", this year's Hubei Conference will elaborately organize an exhibition of innovation and entrepreneurship achievements and two thematic forums, with a total of three sections.

The National Creative Week in 2019 has sent a clear signal that governments at all levels will continue to optimize business environment, further implement policy measures of tax reduction and fee reduction on a larger scale, so that entrepreneurs and innovators can compete fairly according to market rules.

In recent years, the technological content and innovation level of Motus Technology products have been continuously improved. In the future, the company will actively select excellent enterprise teams to participate in various kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship activities at the national and provincial and urban levels, stimulate the company's innovation vitality, so that Motus continues to innovate products, services continues to strengthen, quality continues to improve, in order to bring users a better experience.

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