Motus company welcomes students of Wuhan Software Engineering College.

ReportTime:2019-06-18 17:02

On June 11, teacher Miss Ge Chaohui of Wuhan Software Engineering College led a group of more than 30 freshmen majoring in mechanical and electrical engineering to visit the exhibition hall on the first floor of Motus Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.

Relevant leaders of the enterprise warmly received students. Mr. Liu Lei, the director of the office, introduced the company's development process, management mode and corporate culture, focusing on the company's six-degree-of-freedom platform and VR Simulators.

Miss Yin Ailin, the company's human resources manager, introduced the company's talent selection mechanism and enterprise employing standards to the students. She also exchanged and answered questions on recruitment, and guided the students to make their own career plans well in advance, study hard, and constantly improve their professional skills and comprehensive qualities.

After introducing the company, the head of the company led the students to experience our VR simulators - Red Devil Racing Simulator and the VR slide. Many students have said that the VR project has only been experienced through TV or games before, and the current project is more intuitive, which brings us unprecedented visual effects and real experience. Students marvel at the rapid development of technology, the progress of VR technology, and received a deeper understanding of the application of VR technology.

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